Instituto Poffo de Cirurgia Cardiovascular

Robotic and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

About the Fellowship program

The fellowship is a specialization course in robotic and minimally invasive cardiac surgery. It’s objective is to advance the surgical training of the cardiovascular surgeon in the most modern aspects of the specialty: minimally invasive and robotic surgery. 


Cardiac surgeons who have finished their residency in an accredited center.

*Cardiovascular surgery residents who will finish their training up to February 2023 are eligible for application. A confirmation letter of their residency status signed by the Heads of Surgical and Residency program of their training center is required. In case of approval, a certificate of residency completion is mandatory for enrollment.

Obtained Qualification

At the end of their training period and after presentation of a final dissertation paper and progress evaluation, the student will receive a certificate of Advanced Training in Minimally Invasive and Robotic Cardiac Surgery.

Training Features

  • Specialized and experienced surgical staff.
  • Possibility of living the peri-operative care routine in minimally invasive cardiac surgery.
  • Following the only group in Brazil who develops robotic cardiac surgery as a routine.


At the end of their training period, the fellow student will able to:

  • Identify the eligible patient for minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery.

  • Minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery.

  • Work in all the steps that involves minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery (pre, intra and post operative periods).

Program and Methodology

The entire course consists in 2080 hours (40hours/week) divided between activities in the operating room, intensive care unit, outpatient clinic consultations and cardiac surgery meetings.

Approved surgeons​

Henry Eiji Toma

Anderson Rosado


02/01/2023 to 02/07/2023

send email to (coordenacao@institutopoffo.com) with the following documents::

1) Updated proof of residency

2) CRM discharge certificate

3) Professional ethics certificate issued by the CRM

March 06, 2023

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Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Minimamente Invasiva e Robótica