Native mitral valve endocarditis - Robotic cardiac surgical repair

Robinson Poffo, MD, MSc,a,bHenry Eiji Toma, MD,b Sergio Augusto Fudaba Curcio, MD,a,b Alisson Parrilha Toschi, MD,a,b Renato Bastos Pope, MD,a,b and Leandro Echenique, MD,c São Paulo, Brazil

Mitral valve repair in native valve endocarditis is often a challenging procedure. Robotic cardiac surgery is a safe approach and can be an asset for valve reconstruction, especially in complex cases.

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From the a Division of Cardiovascular Surgery, Instituto Poffo de Cirurgia Cardiovascular, São Paulo, Brazil; and Divisions of bCardiovascular Surgery and cCardiology, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil. Read at The American Association for Thoracic Surgery Mitral Conclave Workshop, New York, May 4-5, 2023.
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